2019 Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Life is complicated. With so many things happening on a daily basis, everyone wants to make their life simple and easy. Though it is the aim of most of us, rarely is anyone able to achieve it. Well, we would say it is doable. All you need is loads of self-confidence and a little bit of help from some wacky and innovative products which promise to make things easier and simpler.

1) NoAccess Portable Lock

NoAccess Portable Lock turns rooms with no lock – into 100% secure and safe spaces.
Ideal for extra security in hotels, short-term rentals, student dorms, townhouses, home-stays and more.
Attach it beside the doorknob once you’re inside the room, add the handle and slide to lock. No tools needed & takes seconds to do.

2) Over the Sink Collapsible Colanders

This colander is definitely a storage space saver, when it collapses it takes up a minimum about of space. The sides expands making it easy to use in the wide sink without any issues, frees up both your hands for holding a heavy pot and keeps the food from sitting in the water.


Steering wheel spinner knob works with smooth function, it’s more convenient to operation in turns in the mountains,reverse parking and gap to turn around. The spinners greatly are helpful when doing difficult car maneuvers.
The spinner is suitable for beginners or those who struggling with arthritis, muscle problems, carpel tunnel syndrome, low muscle tone and so on.
with an easy installation!